Different Methods of Learning How to Make a Coracle


A coracle is a simple water vessel that originated from Wales. The coracle has become more popular in Scotland, Southwest England, India, Vietnam, and Iraq. A coracle is made up of a basket frame, a cover that is waterproof and a seat. The simplicity of the coracle is what makes it unique. The measurements vary depending on the preference of the user. The design of the coracle depends on the river conditions. For example, the Teifi coracle is designed for shallow rapids; the Carmarthen coracle is a bit deeper and suitable for tidal waters. The materials for making the coracles also vary. The materials can be local wood, willow, hazel, sawn ash, and fiberglass. Some models of the coracles use nails, others do not. Therefore, there is really no general formula for making coracles. They are largely custom made. There are several methods to show you how to make a coracle.


Enroll for a coracle making course

There are various institutions that offer the services. You pay a certain fee and join the next available class. Woodland skills center offer coracle classes at 200 euros while the Woodworks and coracles institution charge between 325 and 360 euros per coracle. The woodwork coracle institution is most preferred for several reasons. It offers weekend classes, all the tools and materials are provided, you are introduced to the coracle society and two people can work on the same boat without any additional charges. The advantage of joining the classes is you will learn from an expert and the trainer will be available to guide you all through.

Online videos

There are tons of videos on YouTube that show you how to make a coracle. There are also online courses that direct you on how to make the coracle at a small fee. The videos vary from how to build a coracle, sailing a coracle, painting and how to use different materials like tigs and poly. All you need is a pen and notebook to note down all the major aspects highlighted in the videos. The downside of the online videos and courses is you have take time to source the materials yourself. This should take you a day or two. The can also reach out to the online trainer in case to hit a few obstacles.


Do it yourself (DIY) courses

There is a lot of information in books and over the Internet on how to make coracles. You can go through several sites and note down the different ideas. Read on where to get the required materials. The best site so far is the coracle making society.  They have a well-detailed step by step instruction on how to make an ironbridge coracle. The site describes;

  • How to construct the seats,
  • Attaching the gunwales,
  • Coming up with a frame,
  • Applying the calico,
  • How to make the coracle waterproof,
  • Finishing the boat and how to make repairs
  • Bonus tips on repairs

Coracles are very simple yet useful vessels. They have been used widely for fishing and they do not disturb the fish. Coracles are propelled by paddles and are easily maneuvered with one arm. The best part is, it can easily be carried on the back.